Prototype or Sample

Prototype-Sample-Manufacturing a new product are the best methods finally to evaluate your partner, for the realization of your new products.

You can evaluate the quality of your new article.

The manufacture of a new or existing product:

Generally we have two possible scenarios:     

  • The product exists in their catalog.     
  • The product does not exist in their catalog.

1 – When the product exists, the situation is much more comfortable.

The company will propose you: An evaluation by sending his product or article catalog.    

  •  An offer with express transport (DHL or others ..) for products to be evaluated (products or standard items). Separate purchase order for this product evaluation offer. (Details for transportation)    
  • The deduction of the amount of the prototypes cost of the definitive Purchase Order, in the case where this evaluation is positive.

2- In the case where the product or article does not exist, the only possibility to carry out an evaluation and to have a prototype or a sample of the envisaged product manufactured. This operation therefore requires more time and patience.

The specifications initially taken to obtain a price offer will be used to manufacture the prototype. Photos or samples close to the finished product, as well as all your exchanges, will be the goods that come for the manufacture of the prototype.