Details purchase price

A detailed price quotation concludes with three criteria for the production or import of your products.

Three main criteria:

  • Price of the article to the unit with all these documents.
  • Cost of transportation according to the established choice FOB or EXW
  • MOQ (Minimum Quantity Order) That is the minimum quantity to be ordered by order form established.

The price of the article to the unit:

The unit price must include all elements of the product. That is to say that this product must be ready to use (Carton Packaging, Plastic Bag, Blister, Personalized, etc.)     

  • They have all the necessary identifiers (CE, sticker, lot number, origin, size, etc.)   
  • The instructions for use and warranty in some cases are mandatory.     
  • Globally, the product ex-factory is ready for resale or shelves.

Indeed following the Incoterm you have chosen, the cost price of your product varies since the obligations of the supplier are no longer the same.     

  • EXW Unit Price Offer – The company that has its product manufactured must bear all the transportation costs to its final destination (China Factory Gate to the Port of Destination in France for example)     
  • FOB unit price offer – The company that makes its product must bear the cost of transport to its final destination. (Port of departure in China to the Port of destination in France for example)     
  • Get a quote for Transportation for each new request, prices are linked to the price of oil. (Glossary) It is important in some cases to provide transport insurance, this insurance must be included in your offer.

Note: For most commonly used.