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Sourcing factories

Siam Conseil first of all, advises you on the methodology of corporate sourcing factory for make finally your products or articles in the best respect of your project.

Sourcing or company search in China or Asia. Implementation of price offers and the manufacture of prototypes..

Sourcing factories

Manufacture your items in China or Asia.

Before you have your items or product manufactured in China, it is necessary to know your future partner.
The sourcing of companies will allow you to obtain a choice of partnership offers, for the realization of your articles.
Knowing your future partner is first and foremost a good starting point for negotiating your pricing and your planned budget.
Your partner thus selected, you will be able to evaluate its manufacturing capacity. In conclusion and in some cases prototypes for your products can be requested. These prototypes or samples will compare to the desired end product. They will support upgrades and debugging before the start of production for the requested quantity (Mass products)

Once the evaluation is done, it is important to negotiate their price offer and manufacturing conditions. Therefore you will have a fairly relevant rate base. This rate base for which you can probably propose a renegotiation of the cost price of the manufactured product.

Manufacture in China: the most important point of the company sourcing process:

Therefore, it is particularly relevant to integrate:

  • Your specific requirements, custom packaging, your specifications, including all the necessary data to make your article. Companies may ask for photos or pieces of material for comparison purposes.
  • The application and its conditions that will allow you to have your samples manufactured, to evaluate their performance for this production. A sample shipment will probably be asked if it exists.
  • The commercial relations by the knowledge of your partner will be followed between your company and this manufacturer.

Three articles that we will strive to detail for you:

  • The detail of your price offer, as well as all the conditions of manufacture, supply, and transportation.
  • In some cases, how to negotiate the implementation of a prototype or sample (unitary or small series) by the selected company.
  • Acknowledgment of the chosen contact for the establishment of a partnership (case of new product or its evolution)