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Make products in China

Have your new product manufactured and imported with your partners in China.

You have a new article or products, see a new concept to evaluate, then to manufacture.

You are looking for discretion on the mission as well as the best result.

Make products in China - The different steps to put your new concept into production safely with your partners in China.

Follow with us, the different stages:

  • First of all make a Sourcing of companies for which their technical means of production are compatible with your requirement, and the desired price offers.
  • Requested the implementation of the manufacture of the prototype or the sample of your products therefore you will be able to evaluate and the quality of manufacture and their capacity of possible renegotiation.
  • Require the writing of the international purchase order as well as all the obligations of guarantee, packaging etc ..
  • Perform a quality control of the finished product and follow the respect of the specifications of your order.

Which represents globally

The 4 necessary steps …

To make your production.


It is obvious that during the manufacture of your product or article, and after its realization the success and the appointment what we wish you, you will probably develop your partnership strategy by a form of commercial contract of manufacture.
When two companies or individual service providers want to collaborate on a continuous basis, in order to develop a new product, a commercial partnership agreement is often created that demands confidentiality. As a result, a contract confidentiality clause must be made with your service provider.
The contract will allow the service provider or service provider to give the final price of its manufacture according to your conditions, while the customer will define exactly what he expects from this partnership.
A contract, especially for the long term, limits the risk of litigation, while the relationship secures the agreements between the parties.
It also provides partners with financial visibility, especially if the contract is long-term.


Partenariat Asie et Chine