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Servis control quality

Quality follow-up your import or your manufacturing layout has two different parts to check.In addition we have first an administrative part represented by the supply of documents to the forwarder for your import, and a more technical audit for the follow-up of the quality of your production.

This import quality monitoring resumes so two requirements, in addition:

  • the administrative requirement: because of the requested documents, certificate…, duration of manufacturing etc.
  • The quality of manufacture of the product: by its tracking of manufacturing.

Servis control your order

A / Required documents

Some administrative records are due before a product or article export to the European Union, in conclusion we have;

1 / The Invoice or Pro Format Invoice.

  • Pro format invoice.
  • The Bill is a standard business document while the invoice Pro format is a quote presented as a Bill.This is not a true invoice and does not give rise to a registration.

The difference lies in the accounting plan.

2 / Packing list.

The packing list is simply the list on which are listed all the packages constituting an expedition, he allows the correlation between the invoice and export while it says for each package (marks, quantity, number, weight…)

3 / Bill lading.

It is the good of loading showing the contract of carriage between the freight forwarder and the carrier, in addition to the documents listed above.Note: All the documents are managed for your export by the Forwader or freight forwarder, but it is good to ask also in his possession.

4/ CE Certificate

It is mandatory for your import, the French customs service will ask the forwarder.The certificate is required for the product manufacture and import to the European Union.

B / The monitoring of the manufacture of products

We will not explain the method of follow-up of this manufacture who can next to each article or product be very different but rather the methods that comes to you.

We have three methods:

  • Trust your Forwader who will verify quantity and quality of your merchandise. This is very subjective, it can certainly guarantee provision of certain administrative records if they are missing, but checking the quality will be very random.In all cases it is necessary to know well the forwarder or Forwader before any operation.(by examples in previous operations)
  • Ask an independent control service.This is the safest way. They are familiar with the market, the ins and outs. They are on-site and can intervene directly during production, imposed of updates, and be constantly at your disposal.
  • Intervene personally, but this requires time and experience.

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