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Sale Confirmation

This is probably the most important administrative document.



International sales contract or Sale Confirmation is governed by rules whose purpose is to facilitate international trade.

– Vienna Convention

The Vienna Convention, regulates international trade in goods.Therefore it applies only in the event of problems related to the order or sales contract.It also regulates the rights and obligations of each party involved.

 – Incoterms

The Incoterms can spread the costs and risks of transport of goods between the seller and the buyer in addition (FOB – Free on Board and EXW – in case of choice of one or the other) (Glossary or list enumerative of the codes incoterms used)

The good order or “Sale Confirmation’ has important and therefore points mandatory.”

Sale confirmation

1. Designation of the product to be manufactured

Good international order takes over all the points for the product in manufacturing also details that you specified.The Date and signature so that the number of contract of sale are of course mandatory.It is therefore important to indicate these useful points in the international order.

2. Points to be filled of the Sale Confirmation

Contents Information to be included
Parts of the contract
– The exact contract details of the parties and if possible the names of the respective representatives of each company must be clearly indicated
– The details of the product concerned, with all technical aspects, and details of the packaging (volume, weight and packaging) must be indicated.
Modalities of transport
– The modal mode of transport must be consistent with the nature of the goods, the destination and safety. The choice of transport must be indicated by its Incoterm code and by type chosen.

– Specify the respective obligations of the contracting parties according to the incoterm

Price and method of payment
– The total price of the offer in the currency of the country with its equivalent in euro (indicative)
– The incoterm chosen must be included.
– Price of the goods (unit price and total)
– Payment method that ensures maximum security to the seller
– Down payment guaranteeing the order
Manufacturing time
– The setting into production until the loading, the envisaged time not to exceed for the putting in manufacture, the possible details.
– The amount of the indemnities in case of delay of the end of manufacture, or the loading, etc … (List the reasons)
Transport insurance
– In the event that this close insurance exists, the conditions and the indemnities according to the cases of force majeure, must be indicated there.
– Determine the language of the sales contract. Generally we use english form.

Date and signature and sales contract number.

The date of signature, as well as the number of the contract of sale with all its specificities are therefore required.

Note: As “European Buyers” you can only pay for your order in two currencies Euro or Dollar. The beneficiary (a company in China) must provide you with a bank account number established for the Euro or the Dollar for the transfer.

See a sample of International Purchase Order (Commonly Used Model)